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Classic Austrian Loden Coats

Our selection of authentic Austrian Loden wool overcoats will add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe for many years to come.

Centuries in the making, the Loden Coat was originally worn by Alpine hunters and shepherds. The style comes from the Austrian state of Tyrol, where specialty weavers called, "Loden Walkers" perfected a technique of felting loose woven wool fabric and brushing it with thistles to give it a water repellent surface. Later, the style was adopted by the Habsburg Court became closely associated with nobility throughout Europe. The last emperor, Franz Josef himself wore one. Although the era in which it came to fame has passed, the versatile style lives on. 

We aim to have the best Austrian quality and the most satisfied customers. That's why we offer free shipping/returns/exchanges on all merchandise within 30 days. All our jackets are imported from Austria to Indiana, from which they are sent on to you.
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