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Our coats are designed to fit a little loose, so they are sized large. This is because they are meant to be able to be layered over a sweater or blazer. But if you'd like a more fashionable fit, we recommend going down one size. That said, always consult the product specific size chart on the product page as well as read the product description for fit advice.


Yes! If your chest is a 42" then order a size US 42. Just like you would order your suit jacket.
Our men's jackets and overcoats are offered in an incredible size selection but you need to know your chest measurement in order to take advantage of our inclusive sizing.
Measure your chest at its widest point for an accurate measurement.

Ease refers to the difference between the size of your body and the coat. For example a jacket for a chest of 40" will actually measure 43" so a 3" ease.
You can check the ease of your best fitting blazer or coat by laying it flat on a clean surface, buttoning it up, and measuring the distance from pit to pit.

Our sizes are based off of actual body measurements and have a built in ease appropriate for the garment. For example a blazer has an ease of about 3 - 4" but for an overcoat the ease increases to 10" in order to have room for layering over a wool sweater and/or a jacket. The amount of ease also increases as the size does.


If your garment didn't fit you like expected but you love the garment, we'd be happy to send a replacement at no charge to you. Just visit:

to initiate an exchange or return. Of course you can always give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll send you a USPS return label and make a new order for your replacement size.  We also offer refunds on all products excluding sale items.
You can read the full policy here.


First of all, Loden is very easy to maintain because it is stain and wrinkle resistant. When your coat gets rained on, just hang it out to dry. If you get crumbs on it,  just brush it clean. If you get a proper spill on it, then take it to the dry cleaners.
Every few years it never hurts to get it dry cleaned. 
For more detail on garment care read here.

In normal use wool coats do not wrinkle easily, but if you pack it in a suitcase and it gets wrinkled, you can take the following steps as needed:
1. Hang it in the open
2. Hang it in a steamy bathroom
3. Brush it with a soft brush
4. You can use a steamer but never let the hot end of the steamer get within 8" of the fabric.


There is no right answer to this question. Some guys wear them over a pin stripe suit on Wall Street and others over a cashmere sweater, jeans and loafers for a walk in the park.  However you wear it, you can be sure to cut a striking figure whenever you put on your Loden coat.

Our Loden coats are appropriate for everything from early autumn weather all the way through bitter cold January mornings. This is because the fabric comes in different weights, as well as with or without lining and/or additional insulation. For example ourLiezenis lined and insulated, making it our warmest coat. Furthermore, some coats, like theSud-Tirolhave a removable lining making them very versatile.

How about while administering a wedding service? Or while pulling your shift in the hospital? We've seen both! For some guys these jackets are their everyday outfit, but for others they are saved for  semi-formal occasions, like holiday parties or at festive gatherings on vacation. Since they aren't exactly part of the standard wardrobe, there really aren't any rules about when and where to put one on!

Tracht is the German word for traditional clothing and if you use the term literally, a garment must adhere to a particular dress code of a region to be considered true Tracht. Traditional materials and production techniques should also be used.
However, in common usage across Bavaria, Austria and the Alpine region, Tracht typically means traditionalstyle which expands the net to include anything resemblingtrueTracht by having Tracht features like antler buttons, arrow pleats, loden fabric, edelweiss decor, hunting motifs etc. 
Robert W. Stolz garments adhere to the highest Tracht standards of natural materials and production techniques, but they don't meet the strict dress code requirements of any particular region, rather we take a modern approach to design.

This is such a great question because it requires a deep cultural knowledge to answer. So we've made an entire page to illuminate this topic.
Click here to read on.


Most orders delivered in the United States take 2-3 days for the East Coat, 3 -4 days for the Midwest & and 5-6 days for anywhere else in the lower 48 states.  However, you can choose to pay extra for faster shipping during checkout and we will get your order processed within 1 business day.

Yes, we are happy to ship internationally and it isn't very expensive. We offer a flat international shipping rate of $60 and we ship with UPS. 
If you'd like to pay extra for faster shipping with a courier service, we offer other UPS services at checkout. 
Please be aware that you will probably have to pay import taxes to receive your purchase and we cannot pay those for you in advance or predict what they will be. For example in Europe it is usually 20% or more. 
Some products are available for shipping from Austria. Send us an email with your question.
Please be aware that international return shipping costs for returns or exchanges are your responsibility.


Wool typically comes from sheep, but there are many kinds of sheep and the Merino breed happens to be the most sought after for its wool because it is so fine. We carry many garments made with Merino wool.
Learn more about our Merino wool coats here.

Alpaca are a native species of Peru and now live throughout the Andes. They were domesticated centuries ago and have exquisite wool, which is comparable to Merino wool in fineness but is stronger. Many of our coats are made with a Loden fabric that blends 10-15% Alpaca wool with virgin sheep wool for optimal performance.
Read more about our selection of Alpaca coats here.

Typically we produce our coats once a year so if we don’t have a size in stock, you will have to wait for next seasons production. Also, some of our productions are one time only runs from partners that will never be re-produced.
However, for our classic styles, if you request an out of stock size or a custom size we can probably produce it for you when we make our next run.

If you would like to have one of our garments tailored we do not offer this service but a skilled tailor can shorten sleeves and perform other alterations. In the NYC area we recommend: Wo's Custom Tailoring at 1386 2ND AVENUE, NEW YORK, NY 10021, 212-988-9889