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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


Womens Sizing


Traditional Austrian Loden Coats

I’m interested in a traditional Austrian Loden Coat. How do the sizes run?


The traditional coats, like the Silvia, Florentina and Nadya, run true in the European size system. If you know your European size, (ie. 32 – 48) order that size. The US size equivalent is also provided along with a sizing chart.


To get the right size, take your actual chest measurement and choose a coat 2 – 6” larger. If you want to layer it over another jacket and/or sweater, we suggest a 6” buffer, for a close fit a 2 – 3” buffer is appropriate.


As always, feel free to order extras to try on. All orders include a free UPS return label for a prompt refund. Specific sizing information is also available on each product page and we are ready to offer a personalized solution.


Women’s Luxury Loden Coats

The Victoria and Corina coat styles run true to size. Simply order the US size equivalent of the European size for a comfortable fit.


Mens Sizing

Men’s Overcoat Sizing


I have a (i.e. 42”) Chest and wear a Men’s US Size (i.e. 42) suit jacket, what size overcoat should I order?


The right size depends on what kind of fit you like and how you want to wear it.


Overcoats, as the name implies, were traditionally worn over another coat, or even over a coat and a sweater. Loden overcoats in particular are designed to be layered due to Austria’s harsh climate. Therefore, a size 42 overcoat is meant to comfortably fit over a size 42 suit jacket.


If you want to layer the overcoat over a suit jacket, sweater or both, then order a size 42 and you will have plenty of space for layering and movement.


However, if you want to wear the overcoat directly over a turtleneck sweater or dress shirt, as is common today, you should order one size smaller than your suit jacket size to avoid excess room.


If you like a close, tailored fit, we even suggest ordering two sizes smaller than your suit jacket size. This applies to the Tirol, Sud-Tirol, Shiver No More and Joseph styles.


Of course, feel free to order multiple sizes to try on if you’re not sure. All orders include a free UPS return label to send back the extras for a prompt refund.


Men’s Coat/Jacket Sizing


What size men’s coat or jacket should I order?


Robert W. Stolz Austrian jackets styles like the Edelmann, Braumeister, Wilfrid, Felix, Louis, Clemens, Thomas and Frederick are all sized true. That means they will fit appropriately directly over the body, with just a shirt underneath.


The sizes are the same as your chest circumference, (ie. 40”, 44”, 50”, etc) so if you know your suit jacket size, or have your chest circumference on hand, just order that size it will be a fit. Of course, if you want to have extra space for layering or movement, or like a looser fit, order one size larger.


The only exception is the Duffel Coat Markus which runs one size small. Order this coat on size larger than your standard suit jacket size.


As always, feel free to order extras, consult the size guide on each product page or contact us directly for personalized service.


Made to Order


Do we make custom made overcoats?


Yes & No. Typically we produce our coats once a year so if we don’t have a size in stock, you will have to wait for next seasons production. Also, some of our productions are one time only runs that will never be re-produced. However, for all our evergreen styles, if you request an out of stock size or a custom size we can probably produce it for you when we make our next run.


However, in early 2019 we will launch a line of made to order boiled wool jackets as well as other styles. Get in touch to find out more.




United States & Canada - What shipping options do I have?


We offer complementary full service shipping and exchange service. That means that once you make a purchase all shipping costs are covered by us. We will ship you the coat, along with a return shipping label to be used for returns and if you need a different size, we’ll send it to you as well.


We encourage that if you’re unsure about the size to order extra sizes the first time to avoid a back and forth. If you order extras to try on these can also be returned with the provided complementary label. We only ask that returns be returned within 14 days, otherwise a $15 fee is incurred.


For our complementary full service shipping we use the UPS Surepost service which combines UPS fast service with end delivery by the United States Postal Service.


Typical shipping times are 3 – 5 days to anywhere in the United States. Our coats ship out of New Jersey, so deliveries to the Eastern United States are fastest.


For expedited shipping at your own expense you can choose from the available options at checkout.


International - What shipping options do I have?


For all deliveries outside the US & Canada, we charge a flat fee of $60 and send the coat with the United States Postal Service Priority International Shipping. Actual shipping costs tend to run higher than $60, but you only pay $60. However, all customs, import fees, duties, etc are the responsibility of the purchaser and usually have to be paid locally when the coat is received.


For returns or exchanges on international orders the customer is again responsible for shipping and related taxes.