Off the Shelf European Tailoring for Bespoke Fit


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Our Weavers

Weaving is an art and a science. Some of the weavers we use have been doing it for over 350 years. Owing to our commitment to transparency and giving credit where credit is due, check out these awesome mills:

Loden Steiner, A.K.A. Steiner 1888, located in the popular ski area of Schladming, Austria. This 5th generation family run mill prides itself on using the water from a mountain stream that runs through its mill and returning that water just as pure as it was taken in. Learn more about them directly on their site:
Tuchfabrik Mehler - Germany. This mill is over 350+ years old and are the oldest mill in Germany.  They made it this long thanks to their industry setting standards in natural wool spinning & weaving. Learn more directly from them:  
Pischl & Pischl produces the renowned Himalaya brand of Loden wool fabrics which contain 15% - 25% Alpaca Wool. They've been in business since 1864.
Mapel - Italy, the Stelloni Loden Collection.  A family run mill in northern Italy on the foot hills of the Alps, this weaver shares the tradition of excellence it's northern neighbors in Austria maintain. Browse their loden collection at:
Cotonificio Ronghi - Italy. No surprise we found an amazing shirt fabric weaver in Italy. Italian shirt fabric maker Cotonificio Ronghi has specialized since 1930 in weaving high quality shirt fabrics. Learn more at:
Andreazza & Castelli - Italy. In 1919 this mill was a pioneer in mechanizing the weaving of cotton and hemp. They continue to raise the bar. Learn more at:
Somelos Tecidos - Portugal. This family run mill founded in 1958 is a market leader in fine shirt fabrics. Their commitment to quality has helped them grow despite tremendous pressure from asian competitors. Learn more but let google translate it for you!