About the Family

The 1000+ year old Austrian Loden tradition symbolizes the alpine lifestyle. That lifestyle is characterized by the harmonious relationship between man and nature.  This story inspires us to share that tradition through the Loden coats we make, hoping to pass on a piece of that story to the generations to come.  

Robert Stolz wearing a loden jacket with Dachstein mountain in hinterground 
Our approach to quality is holistic:
Our wool is ethically sourced. Craftsmen are treated fairly. Production is environmentally friendly and of course, the product is made to last. 

Loden wool is a renewable and sustainable product. Merino sheep, alpaca or cashmere goats have their wool collected many times throughout their lives.

Loden Wool Heritage
The harsh winters of the Austrian Alps required tough men and tough clothes. Shepherds, wood-cutters and hunters have depended on this special type of woven wool fabric. It has been a hallmark of the Alps for centuries; the Austrian alpine culture has inspired our designs. The jacket must survive harsh winters, and stay looking sharp, too.

Loden Steiner Mill

Our Partners  
We choose our suppliers carefully.  One mill we love, Steiner 1888, was founded in 1888 and is a 5th generation family-run mill located near the Austrian ski town of Schladming. Another Mill, Tuchfabric Mehler is over 350+ years old, the oldest mill in Germany. We use Loden fabric from a variety of mills in Austria, Germany and Italy but they are all exceptional. Some of our sewing is partners are Allwerk, Steinbock, Stapf, Bauer and Steiner 1888.

Robert and Herr Schwaiger

In an era when most people have lost touch with how clothes are made and many apparel makers obscure their production sources, we think transparency is important. 

weaverpreparing the warpman inspecting the lodenBlonde woman at Allwerk sewing jacket with logowoman at Allwerk cutting linen
blonde woman at Allwerk sewing