Men's Classic Loden Shiver No More Overcoats

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Classic Men's Loden Wool Overcoat

One of our best selling men's wool coats is so popular because of the painstaking attention to detail in the construction as well as the beautiful and soft pure Loden fabric. This authentic Bavarian Loden comes from the 350+ year old "Tuchfabrik Gebrüder Mehler" in Germany. It is fully lined with satin. Not only will you not be shivering, but you'll be setting a fashion statement of refined European taste with this classic style.

Be aware, if you're not European and plan on visiting Austria, Germany or northern Italy people will assume you're a local in this coat (as long as you aren't wearing sneakers. Don't do that!) 

Even if you get rained on Loden wool is renowned for it's ability to keep you warm and it dries out quickly, just hang it in an open room. Wool is dirt and odor resistant, but if you spill something oily on it, get it dry cleaned.

The coat is sized large to be worn over layers for very cold weather in Austria, but if you don't plan on layering up, order one size down and you'll still have a comfy fit or two sizes down for slim fit.