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How To Shrink a Sweater?

Does wool shrink?

You bet it does. Austrians have been perfecting the technique for centuries but we will present a much less scientific approach to the shrinking process here.

The best time to shrink a sweater is when you have small children who would love to wear 'mommy's' or 'daddy's' clothes. If you have small kids at home, you've probably seen them walking around in your shoes or putting on your clothes. Of course it's very cute but it is also super cute when they actually fit into your old sweater. Even if you don't have kids of your own at home, a home shrunken sweater makes a great gift because once it has been shrunk, the wool is dense and very durable so it can withstand the abuse kids will give it. It basically gives it a whole new lease on life.

If you'd like to give it a shot, here is how to shrink a sweater: 

1. Find a wool sweater you don't mind never fitting into again.
2. Wash it with warm water (86 F or 30 C) on normal cycle.
3. Lay it flat to dry
4. Check the new fit.

The shrinkage process is affected by the thickness of the original sweater, the type of wool, the density of the original knit and obviously its original size. If it hasn't shrunk enough to fit the youngster it's intended for, just wash it again.

Good luck!