Women Wool Clothing


We proudly offer our 100% Loden clothing for women in need of stylish, functioning outerwear. Our collection ofwomen wool clothing is guaranteed top quality and ideal for going out even in the harsh weather.

The thermal properties of Merino wool mean that it is perfect at taking sweat away from the skin. Its ability to absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture before feeling damp is what makes this wool so unique. We take great care in making wool clothing---- we know how working environments can absorb chemical residues which can affect the skin.

What’s more, our women’s outerwear coats are handcrafted down to their tiny details. Made for utmost comfort while staying elegant at all times. Handsewn in Slovakia whose excellent craftsmanship is noted for. Truly, it helps women to achieve their best on that day, providing them all the luxury and ease they can get from Loden wool.

Each and every boiled wool clothing combines the best characteristics of natural fibers increasing overall performance, function, and that much-needed comfort. Fromlong jacket women’s outerwear to boiled wool blazer women's line, we stock the greatest variety of traditional Austrian loden wool outerwear in the United States.