Women's Loden Coats

Classic Austrian Coats for Women

Our carefully curated collection of contemporary and traditional women's all weather coats matches the cultural richness and wide-ranging weather conditions of the Alpine region.  And of course, the natural beauty of particularly the eastern Alpine region, like the Austrian Alps, Bavaria and Sud-Tirol have inspired the motifs of our classic women's wool coats.  

While we do add new styles every year, we strive to maintain a balance between Tracht, (traditional Austrian or German) and modern coat fashions that will offer you something special for whatever cultural situation you find yourself in. 
Lately we've been focusing on offering more all weather women's coats, so no matter what mother nature throws at you, you will stay dry and comfortable and looking stunning in our Loden coats. Stay on the look out for more all weather coat styles.
Like most traditional European fashion houses, a few of our styles are permanent fixtures of the collection, like the Silvia or Florentina, but many others are one time productions that will never be repeated. We work with several distinguished Tirolean brands like Steinbock and Steiner 1888 who also present new products each season that may never be repeated.
We carry inventory in the United States to make the shopping experience easier for our American customers, like complimentary shipping and free returns.  However, if needed we can also make special deliveries from Austria if you're looking for something you don't see here.
We believe in using all natural and authentic Loden wool fabric from the best traditional mills, combined with skilled artisan craftsmanship so you will look great and feel great wearing your one of a kind wool coat.