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August 12, 2021 6 min read

Wool is regarded as a very practical fabric because of its amazing ability to help keep a person warm all throughout. To be more specific, wool coats can give a person excellent protection against the cold.

Once this is used in coats, this becomes waterproof and wind-resistant as well.

Next to being useful, the length of coats makes it a favorite among buyers. Normally, it goes down to the knee, sometimes even a little longer than that. 

Coats are designed for more warmth than jackets. Not only are coats worn during the winter, but you can also use these even in rainy seasons.

If you’ve visited Europe in the winter, or to similarly cold and snowy places, it’s likely that you’ve seen men and women wearing long and sturdy overcoats, strolling comfortably completely unruffled by the cold.

This is called the loden cape, or coat – and it truly deserves a closer look.

Loden Coats & Jacket

Loden Coat

Men, when switching to jackets, vests, and suits during winter sometimes worry about how heavy the fabric is.

Coats in different forms are quite abundant, exquisitely made from different materials. These coats have added diversity to menswear over the centuries. As every style has served personal preferences, levels of comfort, and various aesthetics, men have had plenty of options.

And while some were mostly trends, the loden coat has carried timeless clothing worthy of investment. Its rustic-yet-refined style supersedes winter outfits while keeping the much-needed warmth from the cold.

True to its European lifestyle, the loden coat is known for its earthy tones of: green, charcoal and navy blue. In many parts of Austria and Bavaria, you will find a vast range of loden jackets and coats. Unless you’re a local, the loden coat is ideally worn just below the knee.

However don’t be mistaken, both the classic green and dark blue loden overcoat maintain their popularity with men and women.

How Loden is Made?

Producing loden involves a careful and painstaking process, making it a leading material for classic, sophisticated European clothing. In the past, highly skilled shearers carefully took off a naturally oily, blue-green wool from alpine sheep native to the Alps but today more exotic wool varieties like Merino, Shetland or Alpaca are used by the higher end Loden mills, where they are woven and treated by way of milling.

Through the milling and wet finishing the loden wool fabric shrinks, becoming dense and resulting in a felt-like finish with teasels. Next, it is brushed and sheared up to 20 times until the desired fuzzy, napped surface is finally achieved.

Loden wool can be dyed in any number of colors, such as black or red. These days, there are options of dark green, camel and brown for an added variety of colors.

What Makes The Loden Coat Special?

Loden Coat Special

Due to the meticulous process of how its fabric is made, a loden coat has unique qualities that make it superb. Apart from being a classic, leading wardrobe in many men, here are some reasons why this classic never goes out of style and will stand the test of time:

1) Loden Coats Help You Stay Warm

Designed as ergonomic clothing back in the day, the loden coat is renowned for its weather-resistant characteristics, providing protection against the harsh elements out in the cold.

The coat’s fabric structure helps maintains the body temperature to better manage the extreme cold. Additionally, the sturdy form maintains stylish quality while also staying warm.

2) Brushed Loden Sheds Water, Oil, Even Fire

The resistant raw wool undergoes brushing and combing to finish the fabric making it shed water similar to shingles on a roof. After going through some more focused rounds of brushing and treating it is finally done. Then compared to synthetic fibers that would quickly melt or burn if exposed to flame, the wool fabric is fire resistant, also to oil.

Through these processes, loden can be regarded as one of the first durable, topnotch, low-maintenance fabrics to be produced. It may seem as if nothing can get through it, but fortunately, the loden coat fabric still maintains one of its best traits, being breathable.

The very fine interlocking of brushed wool results in microscopic pockets that let air pass through.

3) Made To Endure Years of Use

In making a high-quality loden coat, of course, only natural and durable raw materials are used. Think of it this way: the hefty wool of the alpine sheep shields the animal from injuries, and the cold. That’s why a loden coat --- when kept clean and well-cared for can be maintained for many many years.

Best of all, a loden coat is truly a timeless wardrobe made to last for many generations.

Listed below are 6 Men’s loden coats that will endure for many years:


The classic Tirol was designed to help Austrian men get past the extreme colds of winter in comfort while looking sharp at the same time.

Originally, the main features that define the Loden Style were very useful in nature.  The sleeves allow comfort and freedom when it comes to arm movement for hunting or climbing.



Snug fit, with an added touch of authentic deer antler toggles. Made with pure loden wool, and you can wear this coat knowing it’s handcrafted and made with so much care in every detail for both comfort and style.



The loden wool cruiser winter coat is a special kind of wool clothing. Rich in history and how well-regarded it was, the wool fabric was only worn by the peasantry, but in the 19th century, the Habsburg Archduke Johann made the style popular with the nobility, alongside his nephew, Emperor Franz Josef.

Cruiser Winter Coat


The Merino double coat is made from two Loden wool meticulously sewn together, creating a warm, and ultra-comfortable fabric. Undoubtedly soft on the skin, the Merino fibers have always made a job well-done. The inside is wholly unlined, clean, and complete with Steiner 1888 embroidery and branding.

Merino Loden Wool Double Coat


This original Loden, the black Himalaya Loden wool overcoat, is woven by Pischl & Pischl. On top of that, it’s made from pure renewable alpaca and sheep wool fibers. The unique half-raglan shoulder design makes this coat especially comfortable for broad shouldered men.

Himalaya Loden Wool Overcoat


Fully lined with satin, this authentic Bavarian Loden originates from Germany’s "Tuchfabrik Gebrüder Mehler". This is one of the best Loden wool coats that maintains body temperature while staying dapper with that distinct European classic style.

Loden Shiver No More Overcoats

How To Wear The Loden Coat Suits?

Being a functional overcoat, the loden versatility is tested and proven when it comes to a more formal style. Given its minimal details, the renowned dark green coats green can be used with more fitting hues like brown, charcoal, navy blue, and even chalk-stripe or pinstripe suits in minimally contrasting or muted shades.

Another thing, wardrobes in textured wool fabrics work excellent with the loden coat because of its ability to insulate during fall and winter seasons.

Sport Coats

As a sport coat, the loden coat is paired with trousers. Specifically, the similarly rustic-to-quaint tradition of tweed means that fabric with differing elements would be well topped off by a loden coat.

Loden Coat Suits

Wardrobes with a hint of the classics are always wonderfully matched with accessories. Mottled or solid knit ties provide texture under the loden coat.

Checked patterns striped, polka dots, and paisley also add style and harmony when combined with other shades.

In this case of a traditional green loden coat, colors like orange, red, deep purple, and blue are your best bets for aesthetics and stunning contrast. This works extremely well with bow ties, too.

For a minimal contrast effect, socks in varied patterns and hues, and colored shoelaces hues work, too. Just keep in mind that finally deciding on the right color to complement your loden coat is key. Recommended colors mentioned earlier will work very much for suits.


When you're experiencing the harsh elements of the winter, there's no other sturdy clothing that's a better friend than a trusty outdoor coat.

With our line of durable loden coats, pick one that ideally suits you best while staying warm and stylish.

Complement your chosen style as much as you can for a more practical, respectable look as you stay warm.

In your search for owning a sturdy loden coat, it would be ideal to choose a winter coat that's the same size as your normal fit because they are made with room to layer.

You can put a layer under it and go for additional comforts such as a greatcoat, or men’s duffle coat or a greatcoat.

From its homely, alpine origins to the era of the Austrian royal family and nobility’s chosen fabric, the loden coat has become extremely versatile, a sophisticated choice for heavy climate seasons.

One thing is definite: at its very best, a loden coat is fully capable of two things: this coat is superb, knowing the fact that it’s handcrafted with the utmost care to help keep you insulated while making you look dashing and gentlemanly when you’re outdoors bravely fighting the cold weather.

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