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August 10, 2022 1 min read

The long awaited petite version of the women's traditional loden coat has (almost) arrived! Delivery to our South Carolina warehouse is expected by the end of August 2022.  While the standard full length Silvia provides maximum warmth and protection from the elements, ladies of modest height may will find the petite cut a better fit.  We are thrilled to introduce our women's petite cut in a full size range this season. The petite cut is only available in green however we do carry the standard length in charcoal, midnight navy and camel. This full length women's wool petite coat is particularly great for women between 4'10" - 5'6" tall.


short woman wearing petite loden coat


 Elena, pictured above is 5'4" tall and wearing a Silvia size 2P.  Below we see her wearing the same coat in the standard size 2.


blonde women wearing loden coat

 Anny, pictured below is 5' wearing a Silvia size 4P.

brown haired short women wearing petite loden coat

 Sonja, at 5'7" pictured below, is wearing a standard length Silvia size 8.

young women wearing beautiful loden wool coat

And here is Sonja wearing the petite Silvia size 8P.

young women wearing austrian loden coat

Lucia, pictured below is also wearing the Austrian Loden Coat Silvia. Lucia is 5'9" and wearing a standard size 12.

gray haired women wearing german style loden coat

The Silvia Loden coat comes in an extensive range of 2 - 20 in standard sizes, as well as 2P - 18P in the petite cut.

Pictured below is Jasmine wearing a Silvia standard size 18.

curvy women wearing traditional full length wool coat
The Silvia Loden Coat is elegant yet also a practical coat for everyday wear. The tightly woven wool fibers provide excellent warmth and protection from the elements but the beautiful drape adds an exquisite aesthetic and feel to the coat.

blonde women in mountains of austria wearing robert w stolz full length wool coat

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