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March 01, 2019 3 min read

Workwear Revival

As evidenced by the popularity of brands like Filson, Pendleton or Billy Reid, workwear is back! (again) And maybe it's because people are realizing you don't have to sacrifice functionality for style - you can have both!

For example, in a renaissance of tradition, men's full-length overcoats are now “in” and for many good reasons. They are, from a style standpoint, timeless. From a functionality position, they are warm, breathable, and durable. After all, Loden coats have been tested for hundreds of years in the Alps. Below are four main reasons Loden coats are becoming so popular again.

  1. The Elegant Loden Style

One reason is style. Women's all-weather coats and men's Loden coats are sleek and elegant. They don't have “a lot going on.” There is a certain simplicity of design that is extremely appealing. Simplicity allows the coats to be worn in many different situations so one only needs to purchase a single coat. The coats can be worn “up” to the office or “down” to the pub. Versatility at its finest.

beginning of full length overcoat

Crafting elegant loden coats takes a lot of preparation.

Long & Flowing

Another distinguishing feature is the cut of a Loden coat. The elegant, yet simple, cut elevates whatever it is worn with. The long flowing lines flatter any body type. The unique knap of the fabric creates a graceful movement that only a fine quality pure Loden wool fabric can do.

  1. Functionality

Another reason is functionality. Men's full-length overcoats provide tons of functionality and class. Being made of wool, a Loden coat provides unmatched comfort and protection from anything Mother Nature throws at it. Robert W. Stolz Loden coats also have multiple pockets, a must have for cell phones and other modern gadgets. These functional characteristics allow it to be worn from the mountain tops to the city streets. The Tirol even has a unique pant pocket access slit in the side of the coat, making reaching for your keys or wallet a breeze.


man holding women wearing long wool coats

Find the men's full-length overcoat here and the women's here.

  1. Pure Wool = Pure Sustainability

An additional reason for Loden’s success can be attributed to its environmental credibility. Loden is made from wool and other animal fibers. Animal fibers can have a positive impact on the environment when the animals in question are reared the correct way. Not only that but at the end of garment’s life cycle, it can simply be returned to the earth to biodegrade. No modern, synthetic fleece can do that.

  1. Full Length Coat = Full Protection

Wearing a Loden Overcoat in an urban setting hasn’t always been popular. In fact, the Germans once considered it “bad taste,” as Loden was a rural garment. More recently, Italian politicians and businessmen started wearing full-length overcoats to protect their tailored suits, which contributed a lot to the Loden resurgence of the 1980s. Nowadays, Loden coats transcend the rural, urban divide. Business executives and country gentlemen and women can all be seen donning traditional Loden Coats.

young couple wearing wool coats in Austria

Classic Loden Coat.

Functional Workwear for the Urban Lifestyle

Urbanites and cosmopolitans wanting to dress like the hardworking folk is nothing new. For example, Loden claims its roots to Alpine herdsmen in Tirol, Austria but it was made famous when the Habsburg Court in Vienna started wearing the style. Sound familiar? But there are good reasons the Loden style never left its prominent position in world fashion, and that’s because it truly is a functional yet elegant product that stands the test of time.

Loden has become a quintessential part of modern fashion. It has bridged the gap between urban and rural wear with its functionality and craftsmanship. What once protected herders in the Alps is now protecting businessmen and women in metropolises around the world. Loden coats will remain on trend for years to come.

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