Authentic Loden Overcoats, German Coats, and Austrian Trachten Wool Clothing from Heritage Alpine Mills


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Men's Loden Wool Overcoats & Austrian/Trachten Jackets

Not everything newer is better. In fact, when it comes to fine men's overcoats or trachten jackets, the opposite is true.  
Loden is an exquisite wool fabric from the Alpine region of Tirol, Austria where it has been cherished for centuries by Alpine Herdsmen and Emperors alike for its elegant drape, timeless beauty and cozy protection from any weather. 
While the unique felting process that makes a Loden hasn't essentially changed in centuries, finer and finer wools from Merino, Alpaca or Cashmere continue to improve this timeless classic.
The Loden fabric and style are experiencing a revival by fashion connoisseurs who demand old-world handmade quality and want to experience the natural benefits of fine wool through the heritage of the Alps.

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Whether you're traveling in Europe, attending elegant social functions or just want to stay warm this winter we've got you covered, (in Loden:). From formal mens overcoats to casual boiled wool jackets, our Loden collection offers a distinctive look, feel and charm. 
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