Men's Loden Overcoats & Austrian Clothing for Men

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If you've been looking for a Loden coat or a fine piece of Austrian clothing, you'll quickly see that you've come to the right store for a lot of reasons. First of all, we carry the greatest range of styles and sizes and our collection is growing every year. Also, we only use fabrics from the finest natural fibers like pure virgin wool, Merino, Alpaca or Cashmere and they are milled in Europe's best traditional mills. Additionally our European craftsmen are highly skilled and passionate about their craft which comes through in the quality.  Naturally, using the best materials and producing in Europe means our products aren't inexpensive, but among our competitors, we pass the best value to our customers by using modern and efficient business practices and always putting the customer first.
In our men's collection you'll find the best wool coats and Austrian clothing for men available in the United States - period.  We believe that not everything newer is better. In fact, when it comes to fine men's overcoats or trachten jackets, the opposite is true.  Trends have changed and we do offer modern styles as well, but we'll never stop carrying the classic long overcoats, even as they become harder and harder to find elsewhere.

If you're not familiar with Loden, just know its a world renowned wool fabric from the Alpine region of Tirol, Austria where it has been cherished for centuries by Alpine Herdsmen and Emperors alike for its elegant drape, timeless beauty and cozy protection from any weather.
The unique wet-finishing felting process that gives Loden its unique character has hardly changed in centuries. Newer equipment exists but it accomplishes the same thing. However our collection features Loden made from ever finer animal fibers, for example from Merino Sheep, Alpaca or Cashmere, resulting in the best wool coats for men, period.

Whether you're traveling in Europe, attending elegant social functions or just want to stay warm this winter we've got you covered, (in Loden:). From formal mens overcoats to casual boiled wool jackets, our Loden collection offers a distinctive look, feel and charm.

The Loden fabric and style are experiencing a revival by fashion connoisseurs who demand old-world handmade quality and want to experience the natural benefits of fine wool through the heritage of the Alps. 

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