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November 07, 2018 3 min read

You hear the term "classic" all the time. From classic cars, films, furniture or classic clothing styles and you have a good idea what each one looks like in your mind, even if you can't quite put your finger on what makes it a classic. A classic is something that stands the test of time and remains popular, regardless of fads and trends.

So What Makes Something Classic?

While there are many little things that can go into the making of a classic, they all have three important things in common: superior design, materials and craftsmanship.

Superior Design - Timeless

A superior design takes into account the current needs of the user and looks to what future users might need as well. Whether it's a car, a dresser or a full-length wool coat, structure, clean lines and an attention to detail are key to a timeless design.

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Quality Materials - Long Lasting

If something is going to stand the test of time, the materials it's made out of need to last as well. Solid wood furniture, for example, when well cared for, can last for hundreds of years. Our 100 percent wool full-length overcoats are a perfect example.

Unmatched Craftsmanship - Made to Last

When people say "they don't make things like they used to" the things they are usually referring to are the classics. However, things don't have to be old to make them classic. All it takes are people skilled in what they do, and dedicated to quality, to construct classic pieces.

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So What Makes Our Loden Full-Length Wool Coats Classic?

From full-length overcoats to jackets and vests for men and women, our products are the epitome of classic styling.

Superior Design - Full-Length Wool Coat Style at its Best

Our Loden full-length overcoats and jackets feature clean lines and an attention to detail you don't often see these days. The Tirol overcoat, for example, offers a look to last through the ages, because it has. Its extra long back pleat gives wears a wider range of motion and the access vents allow you to reach into pants pockets easily. The original function of the vents was to allow hunters access to ammunition cartridges while hunting, but they still work beautifully for today's wearer.

Quality Materials - 100 Percent Natural Wool Coats and Outerwear

Loden wool is the ultimate performance fabric. Made with age-old weaving and processing techniques that originated in the Swiss Alps, this material is dense, soft, strong and can even be waterproof. In addition, because it comes from a renewable source, it's also the ultimate in eco-friendly, environmentally responsible materials. Our Richard full-length coat is similar in style to the Tirol but made from incredibly soft cashmere. Leather buttons and an inside zip pocket make it stylish and functional.

cuff and pocket detail shot on a women's long wool overcoat

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Unmatched Craftsmanship - Handcrafted Construction

From the care and attention to detail by master craftsmen in the weaving process to the European tailoring, you can rely on our full-length wool coats to exceed your expectations. In our women's line, the Sylvia is a beautiful example of this craftsmanship. It features a virgin wool/alpaca blend and is hand-sewn and assembled in Croatia. It has a removable hood to make it versatile for today's woman.

Tips for Buying a Classic Full-Length Overcoat

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When you're shopping for anything, what you want most is good value for your money. That's what makes a classic style so attractive. However, before you buy, be sure to do your research. You wouldn't buy a car without looking it over, right? So do the same with your clothing. Look at how we do business and our commitment to customer service, transparency and quality. You'll see the difference.

Mix & Match

Don't look at buying a classic piece of clothing if it doesn't work in your wardrobe style. Consider the colors it will go with, the seasons you can wear it in and the places you'll take it.

The Company

When it comes to making a quality purchase that will last longer than the latest fad, consider the classics. They offer a timeless design, durable materials and expert construction from skilled craftsmen. Whether you're buying a car, a dining room set or one of our Loden full-length wool coats, you can't go wrong with a classic.

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