Pure Virgin Merino Wool Mens Coats

Merino Wool Coats

In the last few years the amazing qualities of Merino wool have become well known. This is evidenced by its surging popularity in everything from socks, base layers, blankets and sweaters, to dress shirts, hats, pull overs and shoes!  If you still associate wool with grandpa's itchy sweater, you are way out of touch. The Merino sheep lives in the harsh climates of Australia, New Zealand and parts of South America where their extra fine wool is needed to help them survive the extreme temperatures. A Merino wool coat is extremely soft to the touch and can be blended with other fine renewable animal fibers, like Alpaca, for an even more luxurious feel.
Robert W. Stolz products are produced from the finest pure natural fibers, milled into fabrics in Europe's best heritage mills. Unlike most 'wool' coats today, ours are not blends with cheap polyester. Below are a few of our coats made with 100% natural Wool or Alpaca blends.