Men's Boiled Wool Sweaters & Jackets

Authentic Austrian Boiled Wool Jackets

Nothing transports you to the beauty of the Alps like a traditional boiled wool sweater jacket. Perfect for Fall, Winter & Spring our collection is guaranteed to please the most fastidious fashion lover.
What makes our collection truly unique, is that we can custom make our boiled wool jackets for you. In addition to the growing selection you see here, we can mix and match trim colors, button and dimensions upon request. Just get in touch to find out more.
As anyone familiar with Alpine fashion can tell you, outerwear is divided into two basic categories based on how the fabric is constructed. There is knit boiled wool (German: Walk) and woven boiled wool (German: Loden). However, at least in the United States, there is no agreement on what to call garments made from knit boiled wool. Is it a sweater, a cardigan, a jacket? The answer depends on how it's worn and we address this interesting question further here.