Austrian Trachten Men's Jackets

Austrian, Tracht, Loden and Bavarian Jackets for Men 

Maybe you are wondering, 'what is the difference between an Austrian jacket, a Loden jacket, a Bavarian jacket and a Trachten jacket?'. In which case this quick explanation will help.

Some typical features of these styles include the mandarin style collar 'Stehkragan', antler, bone or horn buttons 'Geweihknopfe', trim 'Borte', a back pleat 'Quetschfalte' and using natural fabrics like knit boiled wool 'Walk', woven felted wool 'Loden', or linen 'Leinen'.

A traditional Austrian or Bavarian jacket is loosely defined as any outerwear that has some of the above mentioned features used in a way typical for that region.  However, for a garment to literally be 'Tracht' it must conform to the unique uniform of an individual state or district. Actually, even a local organization like a brass band should have its own Tracht uniform. However, Tracht is loosely used  to refer to all traditional Austrian jackets, Austrian Loden jackets, mens boiled wool jackets and traditional Austrian clothing in general, regardless if they conform to a dress code or not. 

An Austrian Loden jacket or a mens boiled wool jacket refers to the material in particular. Loden of course is made from loosely woven wool that undergoes a lengthy wet-finishing process called 'walken'. Boiled wool, or 'walk' is different only in that the fabric is knit instead of woven before being 'walked'. Boiled wool is actually a misnomer because the water is never that hot. A much better result comes from using warm water over several hours.

Our collection covers a spectrum from rather traditional 'trachtig' like the Braumeister or Thomas, to modern classics, like the Wilfrid or Felix. One thing is for certain, we like to use natural materials like pure wool and horn buttons, made by passionate European artisans according to traditional techniques. 

If you are looking for a timeless men's style that will make an impression, you've come to the right place and we are standing by to answer any questions along the way.