Thomas - Austrian Boiled Wool 'Walk' Jacket in Charcoal

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Traditional Trachten Boiled Wool Cardigan

Experience the Alps in this stunning example of classic Alpine fashion.

Tyrolean boiled wool clothing is as much a part of Austrian culture as down hill skiing. The Thomas is made from a knit boiled wool fabric called, "walk" (pronounced 'valk' in German).  Boiled wool is actually a misnomer as the fabric is only washed in warm water, not exceeding 40 degrees, which is plenty warm to achieve the desired thickness. The process takes hours and must be carefully observed to ensure the fabric doesn't shrink too much!

The Thomas features sartorial features similar to the Bavarian style, with a hand sewn contrasting trim running along the edge and around the short mandarin style collar. 

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  • 100% virgin wool
  • Fabric produced by Stapf in Tirol, Austria
  • Authentic Austrian Walkjacke, informally known as boiled wool
  • Unlined, clean inside
  • Made in Austria
  • Stapf design
  • Dark gray with light gray trim
  • Model is 5'11" wearing size 38

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