YUQUITANIA - Authentic Amazonian Chili Pepper

Why buy chili from a coat store?
When I, Robert Stolz, tasted the Amazonian Chile pepper that my childhood friend Alejandro sent me from Colombia for Christmas this year, I was so impressed I asked to help introduce the project to the U.S.A. 

Not only was it the best spice I'd ever had, with deep smoky flavor. But feeling that heat while knowing the incredible story behind it transported me deep into the Amazon jungle, where indigenous people had prepared it just like they had been doing for centuries before.

Most importantly, knowing this chili provides its indigenous creators a livelihood and helps preserve their way of life and forests gives me tremendous satisfaction.  All proceeds of the sales of this product go to AJI YUQUITANIA.

To use:
Just sprinkle sparingly on any meal for a robust spicy flavor.

The beautiful packaging and story make this a wonderful gift.

Yuquitania is an ancestral preparation made with Amazonian chili, one of the power plants of the jungle. It is a traditional preparation of different varieties of chili peppers, smoked or dried in the sun and mixed with salt. 

It is the traditional spice of the indigenous peoples of the Colombian Amazon. Learn more about the project here:


The two varieties Included in this box (25 grams each) are:


In the Barasana language, salt is "moa" and it means movement, activation and work. The chili is "bia" and means renewal.

Tone: Dark red.
Flavor: Smoked.
Spiciness level: Medium-high.
Spirit animal: Jaguar.


Its red color reminds us of the rock art of the Serranía La Lindosa and the color of its sunsets.

Tone: Red.
Flavor: Chili pepper dry in the sun with fruity tones.

Spiciness level: Medium.
Spirit animal: Danta.