Sample Loden Swatch from Tuchfabrik Mehler

If 'seeing is believing', then we say, 'touching is understanding' because when you run this swatch of pure Loden fabric between your fingers, you will understand just why we chose it. 

The fabric is produced by the famous Bavarian Mill, Tuchfabrik Gebrüder Mehler which has over 350 years of experience producing Loden fabrics. We chose this fabric to upgrade our best selling "Shiver No More" as well as for our debut of the "Florentina" for our Fall '18 collection.

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A single swatch of Loden fabric

  • dimensions 6.7" x 4" 
  • 90% Virgin Sheep Wool / 10% Alpaca
  • Woven by Tuchfabrik Gebrüder Mehler in Bavaria
  • Used in the "Shiver No More" and "Florentina" Loden Coats