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Jacket Size Chart

With your height and approximate chest circumference,
check the chart below to find your correct size:





38R 38 - 39" 46 S
40R 40 - 41" 48 M
40L 40 - 41" 94 M
42S 42 - 42" 24 M
42R 42 - 43" 50 M
42L 42 - 43" 98 M
44S 44 - 45" 25 L
44R 44 - 45" 52 L
44L 44 - 45" 102 L
46S 46 - 47" 26 XL
46R 46 - 47" 54 XL


48 - 50"




R = regular sleeves, typically for men from 5’8” to 6’2” tall

S = short sleeves, typically for men from 5’4” to 5’7”

L = long sleeves, typically for men over 6’2”

Still not sure? Try our free "Perfect Fit Program"

We offer free shipping of extra jackets to try on.

This does require you to return the extra jackets or be billed for them, but we make that pretty easy by including  a pre-paid USPS shipping label.

Simply return the extra jackets in the original box by attaching the USPS label and either giving the box to your mailman or dropping it off at a U.S. post office. 

You have 7 days to send back the extras or be billed for them. We use the USPS tracking number to see when you send the return shipment. Again, you will not be charged any extra for shipping.

Please choose the size you think you are and then write your measurements (chest, weight, sleeve & height) in the boxes provided on the product page and click the "Yes" box.  We will take care of the rest!