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Copy of My Story

Despite my name, I'm actually an American who moved to Austria for love, as many of us have. Years before moving to Austria my future Austrian wife gave me a Loden Jacket, which led me to my second love. When our family grew, I left behind an international career and we moved to my wife's native Austria. Here I pursued my passion for Loden. Always an outdoorsman and an environmentalist, the harmonious connection of Loden Wool to its Alpine environment and its rich heritage lit a passion for me.  

Since then, along with my family and friends we've been working with some of Austria's finest producers and mills. We've developed a few signature styles but we've also curated a collection of Austrian and Loden products not available anywhere else in the United States. Our goal will always be to provide the best service and value to our customers. We'd love to hear from you!  

Our approach to quality is holistic:
Our wool is ethically sourced. Craftsmen are treated fairly. Production is environmentally friendly and of course, the product is made to last. 

Loden wool is renewable and sustainable. Merino sheep, alpaca or cashmere goats have their wool collected many times throughout their lives.

Loden Wool Heritage
The harsh winters of the Austrian Alps required tough men and tough clothes. Shepherds, wood-cutters and hunters have depended on this special type of woven wool fabric. It has been a hallmark of the Alps for centuries; the Austrian alpine culture has inspired our designs. The jacket must survive harsh winters, and stay looking sharp, too.

Loden Steiner Mill

Our Partners  
We choose our suppliers carefully and use Loden fabric from several mills in Austria, Germany and Italy but they are all exceptional. All of our goods are sewn by skilled artisans in Europe.

Robert and Herr Schwaiger

Robert Stolz (left) with Herr Schwaiger in Gmunden, Austria

In an era when most people have lost touch with how clothes are made and many apparel makers obscure their production sources, we think transparency is important. Here's a glimpse at our production:



preparing the warp


man inspecting the loden


Blonde woman at Allwerk sewing jacket with logo


 woman at Allwerk cutting linen

blonde woman at Allwerk sewing