Men's Boiled Wool Jackets


Long-held in high esteem by the fashion-conscious folk in Europe, boiled wool is an amazing fabric that has made its way to our shores in recent years in the form of fine designer coats and jackets. Mainly used for topnotch vests, jackets, pants, and coats, boiled wool is incredibly strong and exceedingly resilient, allowing designer garments made from this unique fabric to stretch with movement, yet excellently retain their shape over the years.

We have been making boiled wool jackets of an ancient technique that has been handed down and refined throughout the ages; this distinctive fabric is made of natural wool fibers that are first knitted, then processed free of chemicals. The result is a light, supple fabric soft to the skin, minus the itchiness of regular wool.

Our boiled wool fabric transforms into a collection of high-quality, durablemens wool pants with distinct softness and reliability. RWS’s collection ofmens wool shorts and jackets are enjoyed by our customers through the years.

If you want a cozier, comfortable feel yet made with a lightweight fabric, try our mens boiled jackets and other collection.