Felix Zippered Jacket

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Wool has always provided a wonderful natural resource from which to make clothing. It's clear that wool clothing is one of many items that are as familiar today as it would have been back then. 

Seasons change, and this means a whole different set of clothing including jackets. Often worn as part of a matching ensemble, the casual jacket has to be selected with ultimate attention to detail, from fabric to color to match your chosen shirt and trousers.

Check out our Felix Zippered Jacket --- carefully and expertly hand-sewn pieces to fit you perfectly and comfortably. Eachzippered pure wool jacket is made to fit snugly and helps keep you comfortably warm in fall and spring.

Men's casual jackets are essential.  Try our Felix pure wool jacket and feel its excellent craftsmanship when it comes to comfort. Our Loden jacket collection is consistent with our customers’ needs and found it quite suitable for a range of occasions.


  • 100% virgin wool shell
  • Fabric produced by Pischl & Pischl in Tirol, Austria
  • Traditional 'walk' aka, boiled wool fabric
  • 15.34 oz = 520 gram/meter
  • Fully lined, 59% Acetate/41% Polyester
  • Zipper close
  • Hand sewn in Romania
  • Imported from Austria
  • Steinbock design
  • Studio model is 190cm or just under 6'3" wearing 40
fish gray