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October 25, 2018 3 min read

5 Loden Coat Styles to Try this Winter

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Having the right outerwear is key to having great winter style and looking truly put together. You can have on the most elegant outfit but no one can tell how stylish you are if it's covered up with a frumpy coat.

It's important to pick outerwear that not only works with your personal style and lifestyle, but also one that looks current. Stay simultaneously chic and warm with the following five Loden wool coat and jacket trends!

  1. Hooded Austrian Loden Coats

A hood adds extra warmth but also a mysterious, old-world feel, especially on coats made from pure wool. After all, in the ‘old world’ and until recently coats were usually made from pure wool. Of course, that was before the invention of petroleum based fibers like polyester and nylon. In fact, pure wool coats are not that common anymore. Robert W. Stolz is unique in that he offers a collection of coats made exclusively from pure wool. For hooded coats, take a look at the men’s duffel coat, ‘Markus’ or the women’s traditional loden coat, ‘Silvia’.

Obviously not every hood is the same, but when a soft wool hood is worn up it traps warmth around your head as well as draws attention to your face and eyes. Worn down, a it drapes elegantly along the back of your shoulders like a mantle adding an almost regal sensibility.

  1. (Faux) Fur Accents on Austrian Loden Coats

What could be more sumptuous than fur?! Not only is it incredibly warm, fur has a luxurious texture and appearance that elevates a wool coat to the next level. Today there are many high quality and convincing faux fur options as well. The advantage of faux fur of course is that you can be sure no animal treated poorly, but they also don’t shed. Robert W. Stolz offers a modern women’s going out coat with a beautiful faux fur lined hood called the ‘Lascona’.

Fur adds drama so it has a big impact even when used in small doses. Near the neck or face, fur acts as a frame emphasizing your features similar to the way jewelry does. Fur accents, particularly on coats with structured silhouettes, have a retro sensibility to them that is currently very trendy. This is especially true of fur used at the cuffs since this was first popular in the 1950s.

  1. Full Length Loden Coat

Long coats can be very simple yet sophisticated and distinctive. Depending on the silhouette, long coats can be reminiscent of 1990s minimalism which is extremely popular right now on and off the runway. Long coats with lots of decorative detailing, typical of Bavarian clothing, tend to appear more bohemian.

Wearing a long coat creates a flowing and cohesive look which is very flattering, especially for taller people. They are also great in extra cold climates where you need as much coverage as possible. For a truly unique long women’s coat, take a look at the ‘Florentina’.

  1. Pleated Austrian Loden Coats

A popular design feature in Austria is the back pleat, also known as an arrow pleat. The distinctive feature is particularly popular in the Alps where it was incorporated into the garb of mountain herdsmen and hunters centuries ago.  It gave the wearer a better range of movement, even if they had to add layers under their coat to protect against truly frigid winter weather.

The advantage of course, is that the pleat only opens when you need it, making a clean silhouette except when needed, for example when bending. Robert W. Stolz carries a few traditional pleated coats for men, like the Shiver No More, Tirol and Sud-Tirol. For women there is the popular Silvia coat.

  1. The Ralph Lauren Style Loden Coat

Not all loden coats have the telltale features like alpine sleeves or arrow pleats. A more contemporary version is also worth taking a look at for more professional occasions where less of a fashion statement is desired. The ‘Rory’ captures this mood perfectly with its clean lines, single back vent and raglan sleeves.

Of course to call it a loden it too is made out of authentic pure loden wool from Tirol. The loden tradition takes many forms but one thing is certain with any loden coat, it will be an investment in fashion your kids will probably enjoy after you!

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