Baby - Toddler One Piece Wool Jumpsuit

Baby and toddler Austrian wool jumpsuit

In Austria wool is considered a wellness product and ideal for children's clothing. That might be why babies are usually laid on lambskin blankets. This one piece wool jumpsuit will keep your child warm and comfortable and as your child grows the hand and feet openings can be worn open to accommodate longer arms and legs!

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- made by Stapf in Wörgl, Tirol, Austria
- 100% fine virgin wool
- full length zipper
- hoodie
- feet and hand openings can be worn open or closed


The jumpsuits are labeled with the European size which refers to the height of the child in centimeters. So a EU size 62 is for a baby with a height of 62 cm (24.5 inches). EU size 92 is for a 36" tall toddler etc. Of course we recommend ordering one size up so the child can grow into it.

very light gray