Spencer - Men's Trachten Loden Vest with Suede Collar


The Spencer is the 2019 version of the Christian. The main difference is a beautiful suede collar instead of the polished leather. The vest is not available anywhere else in the A and is made for Robert W. Stolz by Steiner 1888 of Austria. Steiner 1888 designs have been rather disruptive in the Austrian fashion scene because they push the boundaries of Tracht style. They are remarkable in that they keep the essence of the Alpine Couture while having a distinctive new look.
Steiner 1888 uses their own exquisite loden wool fabrics and sources the best natural materials like buckskin and bone or horn accessories. 
This boiled wool vest will set you apart at home and abroad. Perfect for any occasion where a touch of old world taste is needed.
  • Front: 100% Merino Loden Wool / 490 grams/meter
  • Back: 100% cotton
  • Collar: Real Suede 
  • Buttons: water buffalo horn
  • Loden Wool from Steiner 1888, Mandling, Austria
  • Sewn in Slovakia with Austrian Loden Wool
  • Imported from Austria
  • Steiner 1888 design
  • 3 front pockets (2 with suede trim)
  • 1 inside pocket
  • 7 button front closure
  • Metal clasp rear closure


Fits true to size.