Edelmann - Men's Austrian Trachten Jacket - 100% Merino Loden Wool

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Virgin Merino Wool Men's Jacket

Best Quality Austrian Loden Wool

A special kind of wool clothing called Loden originated in the high Alpine region of Tyrol, Austria. Centuries ago the wool fabric was only worn by the peasantry, but in the 19th century the Habsburg Archduke Johann, a champion of the common folk, popularized the style with the nobility, including his nephew Emperor Franz Josef.  

Loden wool becomes Loden through a wet finishing process using heat, tension and soap making it highly durable, water resistant and warm: perfect for cold wet winters. This original Austrian Loden is woven by the Steiner 1888 mill in the heart of the Austrian Alps. Best of all, it’s made from pure renewable wool fibers.


  • 100% Virgin Merino Wool Shell
  • fully lined: 100% Viscose
  • 2 inside pockets
  • 4 outside pockets 
  • Pleated back
  • Habsburg insignia buttons
  • Blue collar with embroidery
  • Sized like a suit jacket
  • Weighs ~ 2lb
  • Dry clean only
  • Signature Robert W. Stolz design
  • Studio model is 190cm or just under 6'3" wearing 40