Men's Tracht Vests


Traditionally, thetrachten vest is a jacket usually made from highly processed wool that allows the clothing to have excellent temperature-regulating properties. Needless to say, tracht vests are tempered with opulence, wealth, and sophistication. Its main feature is the decorative buttons that are made of metal or buckhorn.

No matter your build or size, you should definitely browse ourmen trachten vest pieces. A vest is a key piece of clothing because of its comfort, ease of use, and the value in each of our mens trachten vest. We offer a wide selection for you to choose from and see the tremendous difference in your fashion sense. 

Here at RWS, our line ofmens tracht vests is a blend of tradition and fashion, ranging from smart to the business casual look: try layering a pullover sweater vest over a button-down shirt in a complementary color.

Whether you're traveling for business, attending elegant social events, or just want to stay warm this winter, our tracht vests from our Loden collection offers a distinctive feel, charm, and character.

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