Men's Linen Jackets


There's nothing like a stunning, unique fabric that can change the man you see in the mirror. Our men’slinen coats collection is inspired greatly by the modern man’s personal creed: to be the best by looking his best in everything he does.

Our RWSMens Linen jackets are the perfect choice for days where you feel like you’re melting. Wanting to go formal, but not quite. Made from ultra-breathable fabric, our linen jacket is traditionally worn in smart and casual settings. Light colors such as blue or white will make you look instantly cooler. 

The color choice is up to you, choose one that you think is best that will make you stand out in a crowd. Made of high-quality Loden fabric, ourmens linen jackets are traditionally milled by our select European craftsmen which makes our signature Loden coat versatile clothing for year-round wear. It's lighter in the warm months yet makes exceptionally well for layering in the colder months. 

It's casual and easy. Pair this jacket with your favorite trousers, chinos, or jeans with an easy t-shirt or collared shirt. It makes any combination look better

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