Wool Accessories


Through the centuries, wool has been viewed as a very important fiber for clothing and domestic accessories. Even though it has been challenged by emerging synthetic fibers, it has remained a valuable and expensive material. 

Wool generally comes from the fur or hair of animals like sheep, camels, lamas, and goats and is basically a protein fiber occurring naturally and is considered a luxury material due to its price and the sensitive care it requires from the owner.

This fiber has so many positive characteristics that keep it on top of the list of materials for clothing. It is very resilient, physically attractive, has excellent insulating abilities, is comfortable to the body and skin, and is considered very fashionable. It is the primary and best material available when it comes to men's suits and sports jackets. 

Ourcharming wool & accessories are definitely made of the highest quality

Because of its unique ability to absorb up to twenty percent of its weight in moisture and water before it is saturated, wool is one of the most sought-after fabrics that are truly perfect for clothing and accessories. This is the main reason why wool is perfect for wet climates and winter and is excellent in blends as well.